Born of extreme violence. Robbed of his birthright. This bastard's going to take the President down and save us from ourselves.

A few minutes before dusk on a cold, foggy, Wednesday, November 9, 2017,  Elia Degas, a bold but disillusioned Bronx lawyer searching for distraction from a career going nowhere and a stack of bills he can’t afford to pay, has his life turned upside down when Monica Rivera, a dangerously addictive journalist, steps into his office with a story big enough to change the world.

  • Degas is the bastard step-brother of James Alexander Kunt, whose unlikely victory in the previous day’s Presidential Election had opened the floodgates of bigotry
  • Prior to the election Kunt, a master manipulator of public opinion had been both bought and sold.

When Degas discovers that Kunt had disinherited him through fraud, he vows to bring him down no matter the consequence, no matter the cost, and together, Degas and Monica take on Kunt, the powers that be and the conspiracy that we were never supposed to see.